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"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia Exhibition Zürich Switzerland October

"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia
watercolor on the cotton paper
Size 14.96 x 9.84 in (38x25 cm) Signed on front
2019 Kishinev Moldova, resp of.

"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia. 

Cooming soon: Participation in the group exhibition ArtBOX Talent "Show IT", Zürich / Switzerland, October.
Attention please! Premier for this watercolor artwork. This is official information.


About Me
My name is Galina Vindalovskaia. I am an Architect. I am a happy and cheerful person. I prefer to share my feelings in a concise and clear form. Minimal means to show the main idea.

About this series
This artwork "Deep community" (blue white) is one of a series "Deep Conversations". A full complete series of 53 artworks "Communication on the Web " consists of 3 sections:
"Deep Conversations" (blue on white), 27 artworks
"Different moods" (black on white), 15 artworks
"Sweet Feelings" (pink-corral on dark brown), 11 artworks
Each section supports the main idea: Lack of intimacy between people is the main problem in communication.

"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia

What's happening?
Even native people are used to talking through a monitor screen. There is a substitution of concepts. Communication only through gadgets has become the norm. Through messengers make new acquaintances, business connections, make friends and even passionately fall in love. To do this, just include the Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vatsap, Viber, Skype and so on, is not it?
You can find out how you are doing, see, chat and laugh, and even drink a cup of coffee together.
BUT it is impossible to hug, kiss live, touch your lips, smell, body moisture. And the desired person is nearby, only through the monitor screen ... and so unbearably far and inaccessible to pain.
And all the movements rest on the screen of the gadget. Communication without smells and lively heat.

"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia
Signed on front
My messages as main idea
I am deeply convinced that trusting real human communication only happens live, when you can hug, in direct contact of physical bodies and all kinds of feelings at once.
"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia

How is this done in this artwork?
Therefore, the spots have a deep, deep blue color of ultramarine. This is my favorite color of blue. They are located very close, but do not intersect and do not merge into each other. Movement and communication is shown by the tone of the spots, the rhythm of the horizontal and vertical arrangement. Blue spots are personalities, and the distances between them are screens of computers, laptops, tablets. Everything is very close, but in reality separately. As if together and whole, but this is an illusion.

"Deep community"
Watercolor on cotton paper. Size 14.96 x 9.84 in (38x25 cm) Signed on front
2019 Kishinev Moldova, rep of.
Galina Vindalovskaia

"Deep community" by Galina Vindalovskaia

Artwork for sale
In case of questions, please contact me.

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