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Abstract Drawing Minimalist Black White Art

Abstract Drawing Minimalist Black White Art
Galina Vindalovskaia 2018 kishinev Moldova
Ink on the paper
Drawing: Ink on Paper

Galina Vindalovskaia hopes to bridge the gap between imagination and abstraction whilst simultaneously leaving the essence of her art open to interpretation.
On top of this, the creative exploration of lines and spots the viewer with a newfound appreciation and a vibrant perception of our emotions.

Ideas expresses in a concise and clear form.
Lines and spots.
Black ink on the white paper.

Subjects: Abstract
Styles: Abstract Fine Art Minimalism
Size: 13 W x 19 H x 0.1 in 33x47 cm

A series of drawings in an art gallery and for sale on the Singulart, SaatchiArt and ArtQuid (staff picks)

Exhibition Barcelona March 2020 artwork Abstract Drawing 71

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Seria consist from 14 drawings

Abstract Drawing 31

Abstract Drawing 37

Abstract Drawing 41

Abstract Drawing 43

Abstract Drawing 47

Abstract Drawing 53

Abstract Drawing 59

Abstract Drawing 61

Abstract Drawing 67

Abstract Drawing 71

Abstract Drawing 73

Abstract Drawing 79

Abstract Drawing 83

Abstract Drawing 89

Material Indian Ink on the paper

Indian Ink on the paper

Indian Ink on the paper

A series of drawings for sale on art gallery the SingulartSaatchiArt and  ArtQuid (staff picks) 

Galina VindalovskaiaAbstract Drawings Minimalist Black White Art

Abstract Drawings Minimalist Black White Art

Art by Independent Artists, Drawings, Drawings
Author: Galina Vindalovskaia
33 x 48.3 cm / 13 x 19 in

Dimentions 33x47 cm
Subjects: Abstract Styles: Abstract. Minimalism
Mediums:Ink Black & White

Sub-type: Chinese Ink / Themes: Abstract / Origin: Europe / Genre: Abstract / Characteristic: Series / Authenticity / Provenance: Sold by the Artist / Artists types: Professional artists / Period: Contemporary /
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