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Galina Vindalovskaia

Artust biography

Galina Vindalovskaia was born 1975.
Artist based in Moldova, rep.of

They say about Galina that “she was born with a brush in her hand.”
This is true because other members of the Galina family also have drawing abilities.
Grandfather gave his first experience and discoveries in art.
He was an artist, painted classic realistic landscapes. He created reproductions of I.I. Shishkin.

Galina has Academic background in art, graduated from the Art School and Technical University
with a degree in Architect. 
A teacher at an art school drew attention to bright abstract thinking
and personal handwriting in the drawing, so he recommended
that he continue his academic education as an architect. 
This gave the ability to portray both realistic paintings and abstract minimalistic drawings.
For Galina, drawing is the same need as breathing.
This is a way to talk about your feelings and desires.
“If I hadn’t painted, I would have simply been torn to pieces”


 of artworks are feelings and emotions.
That are embodied in a concise and simple form.
The process of creating a artwork is not just creating an image.
 This is the sum of all life that led to the creation of artwork.

 MEDIUMS is watercolor and ink on paper. 

Watercolor is the most difficult painting technique.
It requires sincerity of feelings and purity of intent.
 It’s hard to conquer.
 Ink is the depth in perfect accuracy and precision.


Realistic Seascape, Realistic Flowers, Abstract Drawing


My art is a metaphor for finding your feelings and desire.
I invite viewers to visualize that which cannot be seen and touched

2015  “History and Theory of Media”
National Research University Higher School of Economics HSE (Russia)
1997 -1991 Specialty Architect Faculty of Urban Planning and Architecture
Technical University of Moldova, rep.of
1991-1990 Physical and Mathematical Lyceum, Kishinev (Moldova) 

1990 - 1985 Art School, Kishinev  (Moldova)

2020 application The other Art fair London (United Kindom)


2020 coming soon Paris  / France
2020 Art Metropole Barсelona  / Spain 
2020 “Big life of small…” Union of art photographers Kishinev  / Moldova
application for participation 
2019 ArtBasel Artweeks Miami / USA
2019 ArtBOX Talent "Show IT", Zürich / Switzerland


2020 Certificate of participants  Barсelona \ Spain Arеwork “Abstract Drawing 71”
2020 Staff picks on the ArtQuid.com (France)
2020 - 2019 artworks ( Seascapes and Abstracts) are located on Google top
for relevant queries 3-4 keywords in search results (Google)
2019 Certificate of participants Artweek Miami  Artwork «Fresh Flight» (USA)
2017 Certificate “Secrets of Masters The best master of painting 2017” (Russia)
2016 Winner Art Challenge “Transparent in transparent” Artwork "Pierced by the sun" (Russia)
2015 August - September “The most noticeable pieces of art” AAA top
Artwork "Autumn Tree» (USA)

for Secrets of Masters (Russia)
2017 December “Autumn park in the fog”
2017 September “Clouds on a frosty morning”
2017 August conference “Painting Fantasy watercolor”
2018 March - May “Watercolor school” 12 lessons program Kishinev Moldova
2018 January- March “Woman Watercolor” 7 lessons program Kishinev Moldova
2017-2018 December - January “Do not be afraid of watercolors! Start to draw!” 12 lessons program Kishinev Moldova
2017 December “Winter Tale” Kishinev Moldova


2017 “Avanguard of the blogosphere” interview with architect, artist and blogger Galina Vindalovskala


2019 instagram Artbox.talent post artwork "Deep community" as participant daily
2017 cultural information project by Vladimir Dianov
(major world events: interview opinion facts) “Dianov-Art” 


2020 -2015 “Watercolor Galina Vindalovskaia” blog 

Private permanent collections:

  • 2020 
5 artworks, Moldova, Spain, United States

  • 2019
    25 artworks, Thailand Turkey  Italy United Kingdom Ukraine Moldova

  • 2018 
26 artworks, Moldova United States  Russia Italy

  • 2017
 7 artworks, Russia

  • 2016
            12 artworks, Russia

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