суббота, 2 мая 2020 г.

The reality of transparent watercolors

Sweet Cherry
original watercoloe painting
Galina Vindalovskaia 2017

Not bread or medicine. 

And not even air. 

Nevertheless, they are very loved and wanted.

And they are not for everyone.

But only for connoisseurs who know how. Feel. Be in love. To give. Take.

Watercolor paintings.

Watercolor is poetry in painting, subtle overflows and nuances of feelings.

Yes, every artist sees in his own way.
Yes, every artist shows that. what he sees in his own way.
Yes, and it is unique and incomparable.

And what a blessing when the emotions of the artist and the spectator coincide!
 And a piece of my sun on the sheet becomes yours too! 
And looking at a picture in your bedroom, or living room, or kitchen - you smile and hug your loved ones close and dear to you again!

I invite you to my created reality of transparent watercolors.

Touch ...

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