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Sea Rock Waves Watercolor on cotton paper

Sea Rock WavesWatercolour on cotton paper / 18x25 cm / 2020Galina Vindalovskaia / Moldova, rep.of

Sea Rock Waves

The process of creating a artwork is not just creating an image. This is the sum of all life that led to the creation of artwork.

Watercolor on cotton paper is the most difficult medium. She is a dream because recognizes only the sincere sound of purity and fresh breath. And she plays with you, moving away and approaching, promising to give pleasure and satisfy desires, to give joy and tenderness.

You jump from a sunny hot cliff into the azure cool sea and dream of reciprocity. The southern sea is mobile understatement. The contrast of sparkling highlights, transparent waves and deep blue coolness. The elusive movement of the water that speaks to you.

And if you fall in love..it’s impossible not to fall in love with it, then this is love for life, deeply and passionately.

This is not for everyone. Only for connoisseurs who know how. To feel. To be in love.

2020 - 2019 seria Realistic Seascape Watercolor are located in Google top for relevant 3-4 keywords in search results

Touch to the created reality of transparent seascapes and summer!

PS artwork and text is part of the official press release for the gallery {Zürich, Switzerland} and is protected by copyright.

Today Morning on my e-mail

"People & Paintings Gallery presents the Third Juried Online Exhibition "Sounds of Colors"
Dear Galina,
Thank you for applying to our 3rd Juried Exhibition "Sounds of Colors".
We received a lot of applications from 11 countries around the world. We are truly grateful that you chose to share your work with us....
We are happy to inform you that your work was selected for this exhibit."

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